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Agriculture, Import-Export and Agricultural Machinery

By offering impeccable product quality at competitive prices, we are helping to develop infrastructure in rural Côte d'Ivoire. By ensuring a rigorous sending and receiving service, DIMEXNET aims to become the leader in Ivorian agricultural mechanization.

Quality is our priority!

ISO 9001-2008 certified


We take care of everything, whether towards our customers or our suppliers.
Dimexnet takes care of all stages of the supply chain:


  • Offer our services to our potential customers in Ivory Coast, Europe and the American continent.

  • Register customer orders.

  • Check the availability of the products requested from our suppliers.

  • Compare prices and submit orders to our suppliers.

  • Forward the order to customers. (Transport, logistics, customs & transit).

  • Distribute the product to customers.

  • Provide after-sales follow-up and warranty.

Agriculture and Irrigation

We are able to help you in the importation of these commodities:

  • Coffee

  • Cashew nut

  • Raw cashew

  • Raw arnacade

  • Cocoa

  • Cotton

  • Sesame

  • Rice

Agricultural machinery

In order to develop the Ivorian agricultural sector, DIMEXNET Import-Export directs its activities towards on the one hand the search for North American and European suppliers by proposing agricultural machinery and on the other hand towards the distribution of these products directly in Côte ivory. DIMEXNET is responsible for selecting the best suppliers and placing orders carefully to guarantee customers a satisfactory quality. We also take care of the logistics and transport of our equipment.

This equipment includes: Tractors, seeders, trucks, tillers and others of all the brands offered.

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